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Why Art?

Sometimes you may have a feeling or a sense of something that you might find difficult to express verbally. The arts provide an additional ‘language’ to formulate what feels important.


Before we could speak we could touch, hear and see. It is very difficult to recall cognitive memories from this pre-verbal stage of our existence. This is quite simply because our brains did not yet have the language to describe the experience with words.

The arts can help unlock these memories or feelings. By using colour, form, textures, images, sounds, metaphors or movement you can work through feelings that feel hard to reach and may be contributing to your current difficulties.

Difficult feelings or memories can be worked through without overwhelming you. They will be safely contained in an image, a colour, a texture, a sound or a movement and can be shared and explored with your therapist. You can look at that feeling or memory from all angles and gain deeper insight and awareness. The arts provide an opportunity to connect with the deeper, unconscious layers of yourself in order to take ownership of your life and live more fully.


I work using various mediums, such as paint, pastels, pencils, charcoal, clay, found objects, postcards, sand tray, movement, music, and voice. Experience in art making is not a requirement for this kind of work. 

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